360° Swivel Table

To accompany your seating we offer a removable 360° swivel table, finished in a high quality metal. It comes with a step around the parameter to ensure objects do not fall off.

360° Swivel and Tilt Table

It is similar to the removable swivel table but with an added 45° tilt, which uses a ball joint adjustment for added flexibility.

Drinks Trolley

The perfect accessory to impress your guests, our drinks trolley can store bottles large and small.

Coffee table

For those who want to add the finishing touch to their home cinema, this luxury piece is available in a number of high-grade wood finishes and our wide range of fabrics and leathers.

USB Charging Port

Charge your smartphone or digital device while enjoying the Cine Italia Seating experience. The discreet USB socket can be placed within the arm of the chair and hidden with a pop-up button function. You can add one or two sockets.

Removable Illumination Kit

The light is touch-operated with a flexible stand, allowing it to be moved into the desired position easily. When not in use it can be removed from the fixing and stored away. 


To give your cinema a more laidback ambience why not add one of our unique beanbags? They are 100cm in diameter and are available in all our leathers and fabrics, so you can compliment your chairs or sofa, or use a contrasting finish to create a distinctive look.

Download the Bean Bag & Table Dimensions